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PECOT Fabien, MERCHANT Altaf, Valette-Florence Pierre & DE BARNIER Virginie (2018), Cognitive Outcomes of Brand Heritage: A Signaling Perspective, Journal of Business Research (cnrs 2)

ALKIRE Terry & MESCHI Pierre-Xavier (2017). The decision to stay or resign following an acquisition by a Chinese or Indian company, Management International Review (cnrs 3)

MIGNONAC Karim, MANVILLE Caroline, HERRBACH Olivier, SERRANO-ARCHIMI Carolina, (accepted 2017, "Navigating ambivalence: perceived organizational prestige-Dupport discrepancy and its relation to employee cyniscism and silence", Journal of Mangement Studies (cnrs 1)    

MESCHI Pierre-Xavier, METAIS Emmanuel, SHIMIZU Katsuhiko, (2017 à paraître), "Does a Prior Alliance with the Target Affect Acquisition Performance? The Dangers of a Honeymoon before Marriage ", European Management Review (cnrs2).

PECOT FabienDE BARNIER Virginie, (2017 à paraître), "Patrimoine de marque: le passé au service du management de la marque", Recherche et Applications en Marketing (cnrs 2)

MESCHI Pierre-Xavier, RICARD Antonin, TAPIA-MOORE Ernesto, (2017 à paraitre), "Fast and Furious or Slow and Cautious? The Joint Impact of Age at Internationalization, Speed, and Risk Diversity on the Survival of Exporting Firms", Journal of International Management (cnrs3)

DE BARNIER Virginie, KESSOUS Aurélie, VALETTE-FLORENCE Pierre, (2017 à paraître), "Luxury watch possession and dispossession from father to son: A poisoned gift?", Journal of Business Research (cnrs 2), Special Issue on Luxury.

KHENFER Jamel, ROUX Elyette, TAFANI Eric, LAURIN Kristin (2017), "When God’s (Not) Needed: Spotlight on How Belief in Divine Control Influences Goal Commitment", Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 70, 117-123.

ROUX Elyette, TAFANI Eric, VIGNERON Franck, (2016), "Values associated with Luxury Brand Consumption and the Role of Gender", Journal of Business Research (cnrs 2), N°71, pp.102-113.


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