Réflexions sur la réussite de l'insertion professionnelle: contribution à l'étude des attentes des jeunes sans qualification. Le cas des formations de la région Poitou-Charentes


  • Saboune Khaled


  • Human resource management
  • Insertion professionnelle des non diplômés

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This thesis has a story. It dates back to the end of 2005, when the State, the Poitou-Charentes Region and the social partners wished to collaborate with the Doctoral School of Human, Economic and Social Sciences (EDSHES) of the University of Poitiers on the evaluation of youth integration policies. A partnership project between its institutions was concluded and a multidisciplinary research team was formed including sociologists, economists and managers. In this first stage, work was carried out on the areas particularly affected by youth unemployment resulting in a research master's degree, followed, for the author of this thesis by a CIFRE convention with the Poitou-Charentes Region. In use, this agreement will prove to be one of the first Research Conventions for Public and Societal Action (CRAPS) signed since the creation of this new possibility (opening to non-commercial organizations) in December 2005. This convention seeks to answer a question of substance which will be developed in detail in the body of the developments, namely why the actions of qualification have difficulty to be followed by these young people. Why are their results proving so inconclusive? Are they then useful to stop the unemployment of these categories which already have a heavy handicap: that of the absence of graduating schooling?

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