Performance Participation Strategies: OBPP versus CPPP


  • Bertrand Philippe
  • Prigent Jean-Luc


  • CPPP
  • Portfolio insurance
  • Performance participation
  • OBPP
  • CPPP

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The goal of this paper is to provide and examine an important extension of the usual portfolio insurance, namely to study the notion of portfolio performance participation. In this framework, the portfolio is based on two risky assets: the rst one corresponds to a reserve asset, while the second one is considered as an active asset which has usually both a higher mean and a higher variance. We aim at insuring a given percentage of the reserve asset return, whatever the market uctuations. The two main performance participation methods are the Option-Based Performance Participation (OBPP) and the Constant Proportion Performance Participation (CPPP). We compare these two portfolio strategies by means of various criteria such as their payo¤s at maturity, their four rst moments and their cumulative distributions functions. We also compare their dynamic hedging properties by computing in particular their deltas and vegas.

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