Using bibliometric analysis to perform a longitudinal review of the technology-driven literature on customer experience


  • Nguyen Stephanie
  • Llosa Sylvie


  • Bibliometry
  • Customer
  • Technology
  • Bibliometry

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This paper proposes a systematic review of the literature on customer experience, focused on technology-driven contributions. It is based on the bibliometric analysis of a large set of 846 articles published from 1982 until 2020. The combination of various methods, namely bibliographic coupling and co-occurrence analysis, allows us to identify key contributing academic journals as well as the longitudinal trend of major research topics. Moreover, the results of a co-citation analysis based on 35,658 cited references show that four different clusters compose the intellectual structure of this stream of literature: (1) addressing the conceptualization of customer experience and its components, centered on customers; (2) firms’ performance and competitiveness; (3) centered on users’ technology acceptance; (4) various contributions related to consumers’ perspective and perceptions (e.g. satisfaction, trust).

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