Streams of digital data and competitive advantage: The mediation effects of process efficiency and product effectiveness


  • Raguseo E.
  • F. Pigni
  • Vitari Claudio


  • Streams of big data
  • Process efficiency
  • Product effectiveness
  • Competitive advantage

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Firms can achieve a competitive advantage by leveraging real-time Digital Data Streams (DDSs). The ability to profit from DDSs is emerging as a critical competency for firms and a novel area for Information Technology (IT) investments. We examine the relationship between DDS readiness and competitive advantage by studying the mediation effect of product effectiveness and process efficiency. The research model is tested with data obtained from 302 companies, and the results confirm the existence of the mediation effects. Interestingly, we confirm that competitive advantage is more significantly impacted by IT investments affecting product effectiveness than those affecting process efficiency

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