International Journal of Research in Marketing: A systematic review from its foundation in 1984 until 2019, using bibliometric analysis


  • Nguyen Stephanie


  • Bibliometric analysis
  • International journal of research in marketing
  • VOSviewer

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This study explores the literature published in the International Journal of Research in Marketing, the official journal of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC), from 1984 until 2019. Our systematic review is based on the bibliometric analysis of a set of 1064 articles, published by 1753 authors across 46 countries. Leveraging different analyses, we are able to provide a better understanding of the journal’s knowledge structure. First, using bibliographic coupling, we highlight the most productive and influential countries and authors, confirming that the journal includes, as originally intended, a majority of studies originating from Europe. Second, based on co-citation analysis, we identify the main journals influencing its foundations. Finally, with co-occurrence analysis, we uncover the major research trends, namely consumer behavior, advertising, pricing, market orientation, and retailing. To conclude, we discuss some advantages and limitations of the bibliometric methodology.

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