Big data analytics business value and firm performance: Linking with environmental context


  • Vitari Claudio
  • Raguseo Elisabetta


  • Resource based view
  • Contingency theory
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Financial performance
  • Market performance
  • Munificence
  • Dynamism

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Previous studies, grounded on the resource based view, have already explored the relationship between the business value that Big Data Analytics (BDA) can bring to firm performance. However, the role played by the environmental characteristics in which companies operate has not been investigated in the literature. We inform the theory, in that direction, via the integration of the contingency theory to the resource based view theory of the firm. This original and integrative model examines the moderating influence of environmental features on the relationship between BDA business value and firm performance. The combination of survey data and secondary financial data on a representative sample of medium and large companies makes possible the statistical validation of our research model. The results offer evidence that BDA business value leads to higher firm performance, namely financial performance, market performance and customer satisfaction. More original is the demonstration that this relationship is stronger in munificent environments, while the dynamism of the environment does not have any moderating effect on the performance of BDA solutions. It means that managers working for firms in markets with a growing demand are in the best position to profit from BDA.

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