Industry 5.0 use cases development framework


  • Goujon Alexandre
  • Rosin Frédéric
  • Magnani Florian
  • Lamouri Samir
  • Pellerin Robert
  • Joblot Laurent


  • Industry 50
  • Industry 40
  • Use case
  • Autonomy
  • Decision making

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Industry 5.0 use cases development framework The emergence of the Industry 5.0 concept has placed human needs at the heart of industrial processes. This raises the question of how new technologies can enhance employee decision-making processes and influence the evolution of team autonomy. Recent studies have shown that the best way to measure these impacts is to conduct experiments in complex and realistic environmental settings. However, the main methods, case studies, and experiments cannot satisfy this requirement while controlling the events and associated variables, whereas a set of use cases can. Therefore, a model should be defined to generate and structure these use cases while validating their relevance to academic and industrial issues. Following the decomposition of the global research objective and case-definition recommendations, this study proposes a framework for designing complementary use cases to evaluate the impact of new technologies on emerging autonomy models in a structured, realistic, and global manner. Based on widely recognized related work, the 6-step framework helps define a coherent context specifying the business process model, agent, autonomy, technologies to be implemented, their fields of action, detailed variable collection protocol, and experimental setup. A cross-analysis of existing cases from the literature and empirical use of the framework validated the relevance of the model in designing experimental environments that are close to real-world settings. This framework can identify the types of use cases or assist in designing and characterizing them depending on the objectives and research questions being addressed.

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