Sustainable Development And Islamic Economics Paradigms Compared


  • Ghlamallah Ezzedine


  • Sustainable Development
  • Islamic Economics
  • Environmental Management
  • Ethics
  • SDG

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The article, in three parts, compares the divergences and convergences between the paradigms of sustainable development and Islamic economics. The first part of this article deals with the sustainable development paradigm. This paradigm is analysed through its three-dimensional definition and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. The second part characterizes the Islamic economics paradigm: Islamic economics is defined through a multidimensional approach and its objectives are outlined. The third section compares the two paradigms, revealing their divergence and convergence. The comparison shows that there is considerable conceptual convergence between these two paradigms and that their definitions and objectives converge insofar as they share the same universal ambition of achieving human well-being. These convergences can be observed in their theoretical models, dimensions, and values. They also share certain limitations, results, failures, and paradoxes.

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