Toward Comprehensive IS Project Alignment: The Case of Enterprise Resource Planning Deployment Within a Logistics Service Provider


  • Bajolle Eddy
  • Godé Cécile
  • Fabbe-Costes Nathalie


  • Alignment
  • Case study
  • Comprehensive framework
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Information system project
  • Information system project alignment
  • Logistics service provider

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Previous research offers limited and fragmented frameworks for information systems project alignment (ISPA). This study fills this gap by providing a comprehensive overview of the interplay between an IS project and its broader organizational context and clarifying how contextual alignments relate to IS project success. ISPA is explored by observing a five-year implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning system within a logistics service provider based in Europe and North Africa. The study’s findings and key contributions highlight the plural, complex, and multifaceted nature of ISPA resulting from the interaction of strategy, structure, process, people, and culture between the project, business, and IS organization. This chapter presents a comprehensive ISPA framework and is expected to increase project managers' awareness of the context in which IS projects are managed.

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