Modeling the effects of place heritage and place experience on residents’ behavioral intentions toward a city: A mediation analysis


  • Magnoni Fanny
  • Valette-Florence Pierre
  • de Barnier Virginie


  • Behavioral intentions
  • Place brand
  • Residents
  • Serial mediations
  • Comprehensive model

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Based on branding and place branding frameworks, we build a comprehensive model which allows the unraveling of the mechanism by which behavioral intentions toward a place brand are formed. Two serial mediation hypotheses are proposed and tested from the perspective of (prospective) residents. Conducted on a sample of residents of a French city (N = 571), this study shows that place brand heritage and place brand experience positively influence place brand equity, which in turn positively influences place attachment. Place attachment then influences residents’ behavioral intentions toward the city. Thanks to a Bayesian assessment of the uncertainty and plausibility of competing mediation models, the results also validate our more parsimonious relationships network, hence reinforcing the mediating role of both place brand equity and place attachment. Our findings also provide local governments and city brand managers with recommendations regarding how to maintain and enhance relationships with residents.

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