Linking Protean and Boundaryless Career Attitudes to Subjective Career Success: A Serial Mediation Model


  • Kundi Yasir Mansoor
  • Hollet-Haudebert Sandrine
  • Peterson Jonathan

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This study examines the link between protean career and boundaryless career attitudes and subjective career success. We propose that employees with protean and boundaryless career attitudes are more likely to engage in job crafting behavior, ultimately leading to career commitment and career satisfaction. Data from 321 business professionals working in France revealed that protean and boundaryless career attitudes predict subjective career success in the form of career commitment and career satisfaction through job crafting. The data also revealed a serial mediation pathway whereby protean and boundaryless career attitudes positively predicted job crafting behavior, which lead to stronger career commitment and increased career satisfaction. These results highlight the importance of job crafting behavior as an important, yet unexplored work-related phenomenon with significant organizational implications.

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