Effects of Background Music on Sport Leisure Consumption Experience: The Case of a Bouldering Center


  • Loustaunau Lucie
  • Degorre Aline
  • Galan Jean-Philippe


  • Background music
  • Quasi-experimentation
  • Consumer experience
  • Consumer behavior

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Background music and more specifically its tempo, has been the object of many studies. However, its impact in leisure sport consumption context has not yet been explored. Its effects on immersion, social interactions and satisfaction, which are key elements of consumer experience, are relatively rare in marketing literature. These points are the reasons for a quasiexperience involving 146 customers in a bouldering center. Background music was manipulated according to tempo (fast tempo vs slow tempo vs no music) and its absence. Therefore, three experimental conditions have been set up. Results highlight significant direct and/or indirect effects of background music on social interactions, immersion and satisfaction.

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