Organizational aspects of open innovation


  • Bageac Daniel
  • Reynaud Emmanuelle
  • Fortun Sergio
  • Vo Thi Ngọc Thuy


  • Innovation
  • Open innovation
  • Organizational structure
  • Centralization
  • Formalization
  • Specialization

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This article addresses the issue of organizational aspects of open innovation. The first objective of this study is to suggest a more specific definition of inbound open innovation that emphasizes three aspects: the relationship with the firm’s general innovation strategy, the extent to which use of collaborations with various actors in the innovation process is systematic, and the extent to which this is frequent. The second objective is to document modifications in the deep structure (organizational culture) and formal structure (centralization, formalization, specialization) of a firm resulting from the implementation of open innovation. The article proposes a contingency model of open innovation at firm level and a deep understanding of the way open innovation impacts the firm.

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