Bridge employment and full retirement intentions: the role of Person-Environment fit


  • Lahlouh Khaled
  • Lacaze Delphine
  • Huaman-Ramirez Richard


  • Person-Environment fit
  • Bridge employment
  • Full Retirement

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Purpose - This study explores the relationship between different categories of Person-Environment fit and two types of retirement intentions (i.e. full retirement and bridge employment). Design/methodology/approach - Data were collected from a convenience sample of 357 executives aged 50 and over, employed in French private sector companies. Hypotheses were tested using structural equation modeling. Findings - Perceptions of value congruence at vocational level and needs and supplies fit at organizational and job levels were positively related to the intention to hold a bridge employment after retirement. The fit between older worker’s abilities and job demands was positively related to the two types of retirement intentions. Originality/value - The complexity of retirement transition is taken into account with the introduction of two types of retirement intentions. Person-Environment fit is proved to be an antecedent of career intentions after retirement.

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