Real exchange rates and skills


  • Bodart Vincent
  • Carpantier Jean-François


  • C23
  • F31
  • F41
  • I25
  • Real exchange rate
  • Factor endowments
  • Skills
  • Balassa–Samuelson effect

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Recent developments in trade theory strongly emphasize that international trade requires an intensive use of skilled workers. Against this background, we explore in this paper whether labor skills are a key determinant of real exchange rates in the long run. Using panel regressions covering 22 countries over the period 1950–2010, we find that labor skills are indeed a structural determinant of real exchange rates, with a permanent increase of the skilled–unskilled labor ratio leading to a long-run appreciation of the real exchange rate. This finding is robust to the inclusion of several control variables, like those used in traditional analyses of real exchange rates.

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