From nostalgic consumption to consumer resistance: The vintage shopping experience as an expression of social identity


  • Tesio Pauline
  • Kessous Aurélie
  • Valette-Florence Pierre
  • de Barnier Virginie


  • Resistance
  • Vintage
  • Social identity theory
  • Self
  • Nostalgia

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This paper focuses on the vintage shopping experience which is, considered as a form of consumer resistance. Vintage consumption is motivated by affective and cognitive concerns, such as nostalgia and the belief in eco-responsible consumption. Based on the " Album On Line " (AOL) (Vernette and Giannelloni, 2015) technique, this research analyses the representations and hidden meanings of the vintage shopping experience and identifies its sources of satisfaction. Six cognitive satisfaction sources are found – Eco-citizenship, Altruism, Sustainable Development, Serendipity, Product Transformation and, Immutability of the vintage object – while seven affective satisfaction sources are observed-Sensory, Reminder, Luxury, Memory, Bargain, Landmark/Cuddly toy and, Innovation. Finally, the paper discusses how the shopping vintage experience contributes to the identity construction process and self-identity.

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