The sharing economy; what makes it attractive for consummers?


  • Bertrand Daisy
  • Chameroy Fabienne
  • Léo Pierre-Yves
  • Philippe Jean


  • Sharing economy
  • Consumer
  • Hospilality services

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Nowadays more and more services are provided by individuals to others through electronic trading platforms. Numerous service fields are concerned: transportation, equipment/good rental, hospitality, education … Consumers seem enthusiastic with this new form of consumption. Our aim is to better understand what is at stake with this “collaborative” consumption. Research questions are focused here on the consumer behavior in the field of hospitality services in France. Qualitative approaches are used. After mapping collaborative platforms operating in the field, few typical suppliers are selected and a “netnographic” approach is conducted: suppliers’ websites and dedicated blogs and forums where consumers share and discuss their experiences are compared using content analyses.

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