Branding: At the heart of the relationship between product marketing and design


  • Hemonnet-Goujot Aurélie
  • Manceau Delphine


  • Design
  • Branding
  • Innovation

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This chapter aims to highlight two dimensions that are crucial to the design-marketing relationship: (1) the link between design and brand identity and especially the link between the semantic dimension of a product, for which design plays a major role, and the expression of brand identity; (2) the role of design in building brand attachment. Since brands are also a system of meanings that triggers emotions, the link between design, branding and consumer behavior focusing on hedonistic and experiential dimensions is further investigated. This chapter also unveils a rare but essential dimension: the link between design, branding and innovation which is becoming more and more crucial in current intense competitive environment. While some researchers have analyzed the relationship between branding and innovation, little research has focused on the relationship between brands, design and new product development (NPD). Yet, design appears as a key lever to building brand equity and stimulating product innovativeness. An increasing number of brands resort to external design agencies to develop new products and broaden brand meaning, reinforcing brand uniqueness and desirability. The mutual influence of brand characteristics and design-agency profiles on product innovativeness is presented.

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