Raising Voice: Effect of Psychological Contract Breach on Employee Voice through Organizational Cynicism


  • Afshan Gul
  • Serrano-Archimi Carolina
  • Lacroux Alain


  • Aggressive voice
  • Considerate voice
  • Fight
  • Negativity
  • Organizational cynicism
  • Psychological contract breach

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BACKGROUND: Given the importance of the roles of psychological contract and voice in organizational life, this study highlights the effect of contract breach on managers and their voice directed at top management members, key representatives of the organization. OBJECTIVE: Drawing on social exchange theory, this study examines the relationship between a psychological contract breach (PCB) and concurrent organizational cynicism resulting in a considerate and aggressive managerial voice behavior. METHODS: Data came from an online survey on PCB and subsequent behaviors from a sample of 336 in-company European and Asian employees with managerial responsibilities working in France. RESULTS: The results provide partial support for the hypothesized relationships and show the consequences of the bi-dimensionality of aggressive voice behavior (fight and negativity). Moreover, organizational cynicism mediates the relationship between PCB and the negativity dimension of aggressive voice. However, data analysis shows no support for organizational cynicism's mediating role in the relationship between PCB and considerate voice. CONCLUSIONS: The study results of 336 in-company European and Asian employees having a managerial position, like project managers, middle managers, executives, employs a great insight into managerial voice behavior. This study contributes to the limited research conducted on the managerial voice in response to PCB. The findings have important implications for employers to understand managers' psychological contracts and related voice behavior

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