CERGAM Statutes

Article 1:

The Aix-Marseille Centre of Management Research (CERGAM), attached to Aix-Marseille University, EA 4225, is committed to:

  • developing and ensuring the influence of research in the Management Sciences within and outside of Aix-Marseille Université,
  • bringing together all professor/researchers who wish to participate in academic research at the CERGAM.

Article 2:

The CERGAM is made up of three research axes:

  • Strategy and Governance of Public and Private Organisations, directed by Joyce Liddle (Professor, IMPGT) and Emmanuelle Reynaud (Professor, IAE);
  • Brand Management: Services and Products, directed by Elyette Roux (Professor, IAE) and Sylvie Llosa (Professor, IAE);
  • Entrepreneurship, Information and Internationalisation, directed by Bénédicte Aldebert (MCF, FEG) and Serge Amabile (MCF, FEG).

Article 3:

3.1. Membership can be granted to those who apply for it and who are in one of the following situations:

  • Professor/researchers (Professors or MCF) from the 6th and 5th sections of the CNU and directors of research at the CNRS;
  • Aix-Marseille Université Faculty (PRAG, PRCE, ATER) with a doctorate in Management or Economics or in a doctoral programme in Management or Economics;
  • Aix-Marseille PAST faculty (recruited for the 6th or 5th sections) with a doctorate in Management or Economics or in a doctoral programme in Management or Economics;
  • Doctoral students in a doctoral programme in Management or Economics at Aix-Marseille Université.

3.2. Membership can be granted to professor/researchers or researchers from other academic institutions, but who register all or part of their management research activities with the CERGAM following a proposal from the centre director or from one of the research axis directors.

3.3. Membership can be granted to visiting professor/researchers or researchers from other academic institutions or to Aix-Marseille Université professor/researchers or researchers from disciplines other than Management or Economics who wish to develop a research activity in management at the CERGAM.

3.4. Membership is granted following a decision by the CERGAM Board of Directors. This decision is made on the basis of research requirements as defined by AERES: two articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals within a four-year period. The listing is updated every year by the Board of Directors. Also included: members who are full members owing to their responsibilities in the Docotral School, its departments or laboratory.

Article 4:

The scientific policy and missions in terms of research and the CERGAM doctoral programme consist of:

  • Contributing, through regular work and publications in academic journals, to the progression, valorisation and distribution of knowledge in Management and Economics;
  • Responding to calls for tenders from public or private organisations, national or international, or regional authorities;
  • Strengthening the development of Management in the various schools of Aix-Marseille Université.

Article 5:

5.1. CERGAM publication policy favours peer-reviewed academic journals that are referenced in the management field by the CNRS, AERES and the FNEGE. Members of the research centre will strive to submit at least one article per year to a peer-reviewed academic journal that is referenced by the CNRS, AERES and the FNEGE in the management field.

5.2. Membership will be lost following an absence of publication in peer-reviewed academic journals as defined in Article 5.1 over a period of four years, on decision of the Board of Directors, after notification by the CERGAM director or after the loss of responsibilities (see Article 3.4).

Article 6:

CERGAM professor/researchers (Professors, Lecturers or PAST) elect their director from the professors or lecturers authorised to supervise doctoral dissertations. The director is elected by electors voting for a single candidate. A director’s term is four years and can be renewed once. Electors are active professors, lecturers and researchers.

Article 7:

7.1. The director will take all measures necessary to favour the development and influence of the research centre. He/She will monitor the scientific, administrative and financial operations of the research centre and represent the research centre in French or foreign academic, scientific and professional organisations.

7.2. The role of research axis director(s) is to define and drive research in the domains they manage. They control, through the Director of the CERGAM, their own research budgets.

Article 8:

8.1. The CERGAM Board of Directors is made up of the director, co-director, the directors and co-directors of the three research axes, project manager(s) and three doctoral students (each representing one research axis). The three doctoral students are nominated by the CERGAM director following proposals by the directors and co-directors of the three research axes. They are board members for one year (renewable one time).

8.2. Board of Director decisions are adopted by a majority vote. Each board member has one vote. In case of a tie vote, the CERGAM director will break the tie.

8.3. The CERGAM Board of Directors ensures the distribution among the three research axes of the annual allocation provided by Aix-Marseille Université according to the following weighting:

  • A lump sum of 20% is allocated to ensure the general functioning of the CERGAM (internet site, communication, travel...). This allocation is decided by the CERGAM director alone.
  • The balance of 80% is distributed among the three research axes according to the following weighting:
  • 35: Articles in peer-reviewed academic journals (referenced)
  • 30: Defended doctoral dissertations
  • 10: Books
  • 05: Chapters in books, published case studies, contract reports
  • 05: Communications (conferences and workshops) and articles in non-referenced journals
  • 10: Organisation of international conferences
  • 10: Editor or invited editor in a peer-reviewed academic journal (referenced)
  • 05: Organisation of academic conferences or workshops

Weighting is calculated according to the numbers of elements in the previous year for each research axis. Research axis directors will collect the necessary data.

Article 9:

The balance sheet and report of academic activities, the budget and scheduled future activities are submitted to the CERGAM General Assembly once a year. They are prepared by the research axis directors under the supervision of the CERGAM director. The results are adopted by majority votes of the members present or represented absent members (one proxy vote per member).

Article 10:

An International Advisory Board steers and advises the scientific orientation, strategy and activities of the CERGAM. It meets once every two years. The International Advisory Board can formulate all propositions that it deems useful and edits a report for all members of the CERGAM.

Article 11:

Modifications in the statutes are proposed by the Board of Directors and adopted following a two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors.