Love for Luxury, Preference for Counterfeits –A Qualitative Study in Counterfeit Luxury Consumption in China


  • Jiang Ling
  • Cova Veronique


  • Counterfeiting
  • Brands
  • Consumer behavior
  • China

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The aim of this study is to deepen the understanding of luxury counterfeit consumption by using the theories of luxury. This study is an interpretative qualitative research in which the social and personal meanings of luxury counterfeit consumption are explored. Both luxury and counterfeit provide a successful meaning transference. A good counterfeit can be regarded as the substitute good of luxury, which provides social meanings (conformity/status seeking/face saving), whereas it may also operate on a personal level (brand experience/fashion/adventure). The process of purchasing and consumption is fun and enjoyable due to the illegal nature of counterfeit. The research aspires to shed light on the essence of counterfeit in a brand perspective.

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