La résilience métropolitaine face à la raréfaction des ressources naturelles : quelles capacités dynamiques pour les territoires ? Une approche par la Natural Resource Based View.


  • Tissone Flore
  • Camille Fiore


  • Natural resource based view
  • Dynamic capabilities
  • Territorial resilience
  • Metropolitan territories
  • Local strategy

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Population growth, global warming acceleration, erosion of biodiversity and scarcity of natural resources are major challenges facing the territories. To better adapt and react to traumatic events in the short, medium and long term, many of them, such as metropolises, develop strategic documents in which the term "resilience" is increasingly used. Nowadays, diverse territorial shocks and pressures are at the heart of the strategic concerns and the concept of resilience. Besides, our development models are intimately linked to renewable natural resources, yet current management practices and methods call into question their capacity to regenerate. It is therefore interesting to consider the taking into account of so-called “renewable” natural resources in territorial strategies aiming at triggering resilience processes. The question underlying this working paper is to better understand to what extent the natural resources approach can enable territories to develop dynamic capabilities in order to improve their resilience? We contribute to a better understanding of the links between renewable natural resources, the dynamic capabilities of territories and local resilience strategies. An exploratory and qualitative research favoring a semi-inductive approach is conducted using the coding methods of Gioia, et al., (2013) adapted to secondary data.

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