The cultural aspect in the relationship customer-place: Proposal and test of an integrated model


  • Abbas Noama
  • Cova Veronique


  • Physical environment
  • Service
  • Acculturation
  • Perception
  • Rehabilitatio

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This research examines the perception of a heritage place, richness from a historical and architectural point of view, and rehabilitation at the place of service. The question is how the fingerprints of the past, allow customers to experience a unique experience. The advanced conceptual framework tested with structural modeling can identify dimensions of a service space holding significant cultural value and the perceptions of clients according to their degree of acculturation and appropriation to space. The results show that the level of acculturation of the client moderates the relations between the rehabilitated physical environment and the quality of the offer on the one hand and the intention of fidelity on the other hand.

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