Does professional identity matter in territorial attractiveness strategies? Focus on dyadic working relationships between French metropolises & regions


  • Carmouze Laura
  • Serval Sarah
  • Alaux Christophe


  • Dyadic Working Relationships
  • Territorial Attractiveness Strategies
  • Professional Identity
  • French Metropolises and Regions

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This article investigates the different forms of dyadic working relationships between the French metropolises and regions to define their territorial attractiveness strategies. We explain the more or less involvement of dyadic working relationships through organizational and institutional levers used by territorial managers, adding the individual levers: professional identity. The originality of this research is the focus on relationships constrained by law. Indeed, we analyse four French metropolis-region cases and the findings make it possible to improve the continuum of dyadic working relationships substituting the “no relationship” form to the “interaction” form. Finally, we shed light on the role of professional identity and territory commitment, shifting from a linear approach to a dynamic one.

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