Research Outputs

Every year, the CERGAM publishes numerous research work (books and chapters, articles, communications, working papers) in France and abroad. The CERGAM Newsletter (twice a year) and the Research Yearbook (once every three years) report the activities of the research centre.

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Over the 2011-2015 period, CERGAM has seen the quality and quantity of its publications considerably improved. Articles published in refereed journals ranked by the HCERES have increased compared to the 2006-2010 period (+33,9%; 150 published articles for 2011-2015). When only taking account of publications in top journals (i.e., ranked “A” by HCERES), the progress is +264,7% (62 published articles for the period). The table below highlights five CERGAM publications to better illustrate the given figures for the period. 

Five CERGAM publications (2011-2015 period)


Title of the Article


Year, Issue

HCERES (2015)

CNRS (2015)

ABS (2015)

Journal Impact Factor

MERUNKA Dwight Reinterpreting cultural priming effects in cross-cultural consumer research Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 2013, Vol. 3, 4, pp. 232-248 A 2 2 3,818
MESCHI Pierre-Xavier, METAIS Emmanuel Do firms forget about their past acquisitions? Evidence from French acquisitions in the United States (1988-2006) Journal of Management 2013, Vol. 39, 2, pp. 469-495 A 2 4 6,860
HIKKEROVA Lubica, KAMMOUN Niaz, LANTZ Jean-Sébastien Patent life cycle: new evidence Technological Forecasting and Social Change 2014, Vol. 88, pp. 313-324 A 2 3 2,058
POTLUKA Oto, LIDDLE Joyce Managing European Union structural funds — using a multi-level governance framework through the partnership principle Regional Studies 2014, Vol. 48, 8, pp. 1434–1447 A 2 3 2,068
STRIJKERS Kristof, BERTRAND Daisy, GRAINGER Jonathan Seeing the same words differently: the time course of automaticity and top–down intention in reading Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 2015, Vol. 27, 8, pp. 1542-1551 A 1 N/A 4,085