On the difficulty to define the Sharing Economy and Collaborative Consumption - Literature review and proposing a different approach with the introduction of 'Collaborative Services


  • Nguyen Stephanie
  • Llosa Sylvie


  • Online platform
  • Triad
  • Sharing economy
  • Collaborative consumption
  • Collaborative services

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While the number of scientific articles related to the sharing economy (SE) and collaborative consumption (CC) has increased significantly over the past few years, many scholars still disagree on a shared definition. The scope itself of the phenomenon remains a subject for debate in the scientific community. Our objective is to compare existing definitions based on a list of different criteria. Recognizing that various interpretations exist throughout the literature, we suggest a different approach focused on the novelty and innovating features: what types of new practices have emerged, that did not exist previously? What are their characteristics and specificities? We propose to name these new types of exchanges ‘collaborative services’.

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