Crowdsourcing innovation challenges: How participants react when their ideas are rejected


  • Vellera Cyrielle
  • Jouny-Rivier Elodie
  • Hemonnet-Goujot Aurélie


  • Brand relationship
  • Crowdsourcing

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Although crowdsourcing challenges as tools for generating high levels of innovation have received much attention, little research has investigated the impact on participants when their submissions are rejected. This research is aimed at gaining a better understanding of the consequences of rejection for participants' relationships with the brand engaged in the crowdsourcing activity. To investigate these issues, two quantitative studies were carried out with participants whose challenge proposals had not been selected. The results highlight positive effects on participant–brand relationships, especially on brand attachment, proselytism, brand commitment and brand loyalty. A confirmatory, interview-based qualitative study then identifies managerial perspectives and marketing strategies for brands and crowdsourcing platforms following the announcement of challenge results. This paper contributes to both the co-creation and crowdsourcing literature by extending academic knowledge and provides opportunities for further research.

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