The transformative power of blockchain on food supply chain dynamics: Literature review, conceptual framework and research agenda


  • Saucède Florent
  • Fort Fatiha
  • Paché Gilles
  • Pardo Catherine
  • Piot-Lepetit Isabelle
  • Roussey Clara
  • Sirieix Lucie
  • Vidal David


  • Blockchain
  • Food supply chain
  • Sustainability
  • Consumer trust
  • Blockchain-based supply chain
  • Literature review

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Blockchain seems to have many advantages to improve the transparency, efficiency and sustainability of food supply chains. It is attracting interest from producers and retailers to regain consumer trust. However, little is known about how this technology is changing supply chains and their dynamics. The objectives of this communication are to propose a state-of-the-art of current academic knowledge on blockchain-based supply chains [BBSC], to delineate the critical dimensions of BBSC dynamics into a conceptual framework, to propose an actionable research agenda, and to offer theoretical frameworks that shed light on the identified research avenues.

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