Antecedents of Workplace Deviance: Role of Job Insecurity, Work Stress, and Ethical Work Climate


  • Soomro Shuaib Ahmed
  • Kundi Yasir Mansoor
  • Kamran Muhammad


  • Work stress
  • Job insecurity

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This study examines why and how job insecurity affects employees’ deviant behaviour at work. To develop our hypotheses, we build on the conservation of resources theory. Our hypotheses suggested that job insecurity would be positively related to work stress and workplace deviance. Moreover, an ethical work climate was hypothesised to moderate the relationship between work stress and workplace deviance. Using data from 174 employees working in Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) located in Pakistan, the findings indicated that job insecurity has consequences for work stress and two facets of workplace deviance. Further, we found that an ethical work climate prevents employees from both interpersonal and organisational deviant behaviour.

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