The Relationship Between Exposure to Terror and Employees’ Behaviour; Rumination as a Mediator and POS as a Moderator


  • Soomro Shuaib
  • Roques Olivier


  • Exposure to terror
  • Commitment
  • Rumination
  • Perceived organization support POS

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This study aims to investigate the impact of exposure to terror on employee organization commitment working in terror induced areas through examining the role of rumination as a mediator and POS as a moderator. We develop a moderated-mediation model in which the mediating role of rumination in the exposure to terror relationship is conditional to the values of organizational commitment. Using a 268 sample size of questionnaire data from Pakistan collected during a period when terrorist attacks were at a peak – results from the hierarchical regression analyses provided support for our developed model. Overall, the statistical model is significant (p<.05), we found negative relationships between exposure to terror and OC. We found that exposure to terror negatively led to rumination which then negatively led to OC. We also found that POS significantly moderated exposure to terror and organizational commitment. This study revealed that exposure to terror is a deterring factor which changed employees’ commitment. It further revealed that organizations providing support to employees working in terrorist-ridden areas showed positive commitment. The paper discusses the theoretical and practical implications of these findings.

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