International Comparison of Global Perceptions


  • Ricard Antonin
  • Reynaud Emmanuelle
  • Gopinath C
  • Ravilochanan Parthasarathy


  • India
  • France
  • Globalization
  • Social representations
  • Attitude
  • Managers
  • SME

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The recent global economic crisis is affecting people's positions on globalization. In this paper, we examine the views of young managers toward globalization especially in small and medium enterprises. Since globalization has differential impacts in both developed and developing countries, we compare the views of young managers in France and India. We draw upon the social representations theory and its impact on attitudes to identify the differences among young managers. We measure the social profiles of managers (international openness, social background, work environment and education) and link them to social representation. The results show different levels of attitudes according to the manager countries of origin. The results also validate the existence of a link between attitudes and representations which vary according to manager social profiles.

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